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This 2016 anti-Trump ad is eerily prophetic

Everyone in the world is terrified right now that a toxic orange cloud of pure, horrific destruction might explode in front of them at any time … and even worse, that he might decide to use nuclear weapons.

We were warned. Don’t ever try to say we weren’t.

Thanks to Donald Trump’s childishly Costanzian habit of doing the opposite of whatever Barack Obama would do, the world should be hitting peak undergarment detergent before it ever hits peak oil.

For the past two years or so, our country has basically been Lennie from Of Mice and Men, and we’re pretty close to the scene where George tells us to stare off in the distance and think about the rabbits.

Stupid kills. Always has.

Please, it’s not too late. Someone remove this madman from office.

If Congress and/or the president’s cabinet need any more evidence that Trump is unfit, they should take a fresh look at the following Hillary Clinton ad, which our entire country should have taken more seriously a year ago.

Titled “Confessions of a Republican,” the ad features lifelong Republican William Bogert, who starred in a similar ad in 1964, when Barry Goldwater was challenging Lyndon B. Johnson. Unfortunately, by 2016, the Republican Party had become a super-assimilated Borg hive mind powered by Brian Kilmeade’s brain, and the new ad didn’t work.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t still important, especially in light of recent news.

Trump voters ... hate to say we told you so but, well, did you really think this lunatic would make the rest of the world respect us? Competitive hot dog eater Joey Chestnut has literally done more for national prestige this year than Trump ever will.

Anyway, here’s the ad, followed by the transcript. Tremble before its eerie prescience:

“Look, I was a Republican who voted for Eisenhower and Nixon. My father was a Republican, his father was, the whole family was. But Donald Trump, he’s a different kind of man. This man scares me. A friend of mine said to me, ‘Listen, just because a man sounds irresponsible during a campaign doesn’t mean he’s going to act that way.’ Well, I don’t buy that.

“Trump says we need unpredictability when it comes to using nuclear weapons. What is that supposed to mean? When a man says that, he sounds a lot like a threat to humanity. I’ve thought about just not voting, but you can’t do that. That’s saying you don’t care who wins, and I do care. I think the party is about to make a terrible mistake in Cleveland, and I’m going to have to vote against that mistake on the 8th of November.”

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