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This will break your brain: 30 times Trump called other people racist on Twitter

Donald Trump has often said he’s the “least racist person” you’ve ever met/encountered/seen — which is largely correct if you add “at a Klan rally.”

If the past week has proved anything, it’s that Trump is who we thought he was. Heck, even the creator of Godwin’s law has temporarily suspended his famous maxim in light of recent events.

Of course, you know your government has gone off the rails when your president thinks Frederick Douglass has more life left in him than racism. But that doesn’t mean he thinks all racism is created equal. Racism perpetrated by liberals and racial minorities — especially when directed against whites — is alive and well, apparently.

Here are 30 tweets in which passionate equal rights crusader Donald J. Trump called out others on their racism. (You’ll especially appreciate the penultimate tweet on this list, in which the least racist person in the world calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” and “very racist” in the span of 15 words. You’ll also enjoy the one where he condemns “racist Gum.”)

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