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A few quick thoughts on Manafort Monday

• I was kind of hoping it would be Kushner because it would have been really fun to listen to Trump vehemently insist that he barely knows him.

• Trump seems to be getting somewhat less orange lately. Did Ivanka warn him that his face might clash with his jumpsuit?

• Every time Trump tweets about Hillary these days it reminds me of how O.J. used to talk about Faye Resnick. You’d think Hillary had had an indicted alleged traitor managing her campaign for two and a half months last summer. (Also, it’s widely known that three question marks means you’re nervous, four means you’re desperate, and five means you’re fucking frantic.)

• You should read Seth Abramson’s entire post-indictment Twitter thread, but these two tweets are sure to send a frisson of tingles through your most sensitive areas:

• One anagram for “Paul Manafort” is “a rampant foul.”

• It’s hard to get too excited yet. Nothing is guaranteed, and besides, a determined Mike Pence with a unified Republican government is nearly as scary as an insane Donald Trump with the nuclear codes. And if Pence got caught up in the dragnet, you’d have sociopath Paul Ryan waiting in the wings to destroy the country. Unfortunately, the line of presidential succession is assholes and crazies (i.e., Republicans) all the way down.

That said, here was my reaction upon hearing the news this morning:

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