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A feminist group is playing Trump's p*ssy tape on a 12-hour loop at the National Mall

Because why not?

A women’s advocacy group was playing the lewd “Access Hollywood” video of President Trump on a large screen Friday on the Mall. On repeat. Again and Again. For 12 hours straight.

The demonstration came the day before the first anniversary of when The Washington Post released the explosive footage showing Trump in 2005 bragging in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women. The previously unaired footage was released Oct. 7, 2016, when Trump was the Republican presidential nominee.

This is the largest audience ever to witness Donald Trump on the National Mall bragging about sexual assault, period.

UltraViolet, which says its goal is to fight sexism, organized the demonstration. The group rented a truck and a screen measuring about 10-by-16 feet to air the footage — which includes sound and subtitles — in front of the Washington Monument. While viewing the screen from the monument grounds, the White House can be seen in the background.

How can they do this? They have a permit, duly issued by the National Park Service.

Of course, if the infamous pussy tape couldn’t change the results of the election last November, it won’t change much now — but it’s a timely and apt reminder that this president is eternally horrid.

And it’s a nice aperitif for whatever Robert Mueller is cooking up.

Godspeed, Mr. Mueller. We know duct tape can’t repair everything that needs fixing, but hey, maybe pee tape will.

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