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Donald Trump now less popular than Dick Cheney and 'Showgirls'

Since he was sworn into office in front of the largest audience ever to witness the inauguration of a sentient haggis, Donald Trump has watched his approval rating plummet.

Shortly after the inauguration, it dropped lower than Rupert Murdoch’s balls in an Elks Lodge sauna, and now it’s lower than Rush Limbaugh’s endorphins during a prolonged OxyContin and fudge embargo.

There are a lot of reasons for this. For one thing, when you tweet lies about women bleeding badly from facelifts — particularly when you yourself look like a John Wayne Gacy butter sculpture — a lot of people are going to put you in the doghouse and keep you there forever.

And it also doesn’t help to say Nazis are awesome and to use the worst natural disaster in a decade to sell hats.

So it’s no surprise that Trump’s Gallup approval rating is plumbing new depths.

Today, it sits at 35 percent — lower than any approval rating President Obama ever registered and one point lower than both Showgirls’ audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Dick Cheney’s last Gallup rating in July 2010.

How low can it go? Well, some people will always stick with him, but judging from his dropping rally attendance, rock bottom is still a ways off.

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