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Trump takes credit for black man's hard work, like racists have done for 500 years

It's fitting that on the same weekend Donald Trump decided to officially make honest women out of his neo-Nazi supporters, he dropped a new ad in which he, once again, takes credit for Barack Obama’s economy.

Why is it fitting? Well, if American racists like Trump stand for anything, it’s profiting from the hard work of black people. They’ve been doing it for roughly 300 years longer than this country has existed.

Titled “Let President Trump Do His Job” (maybe just take away his remote?), the ad attempts to blame the first six months of the Trump administration on everyone but Trump, while attempting to give him credit for the lone bright spot during his tenure — his failure (so far) to derail Barack Obama's surging economy.

Here’s the ad. (Warning: There will be spit-takes.)

Of course, Trump’s presidency so far has been a raging diaper fire with the baby still in the diaper, so any attempt to sugarcoat it is a little like BP touting its 2010 free oil program for preferred Gulf Coast customers.

But the ad is worth a quick critique nonetheless:

1) Couldn’t they have found footage of Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren with fresh, hot goat’s blood sluicing from their jowls? Why so evenhanded?

2) What plan exactly is working? Trump hasn’t enacted an economic plan.

3) A million jobs sounds like a lot, but it’s fewer than the number Obama added in his last six months, and the monthly average over Trump’s presidency so far is less than what Obama averaged in the past seven years.

4) There are more Americans working than ever before because a) Obama helped put them back to work and b) more Americans are alive than ever before.

5) Given the previous two points, it’s no surprise that the unemployment rate is so low. Wait, is this the real unemployment rate or the fake one Trump talked about for two years? Because that’s still 42 percent.

6) Trump hasn’t even passed a budget yet. How could he have made the military stronger?

The reason Donald Trump loves white supremacists and hates Barack Obama is simple: Barack Obama, an African-American, is better than him in every way, and Trump sees in white supremacists and neo-Nazis kindred spirits who also hate minorities — because the vast majority of those minorities are smarter, more talented, more moral, harder working, and more mentally well adjusted than they are.

Seriously, have you ever met a smart, psychologically healthy white supremacist? It just makes sense that the least intelligent, most psychologically bent president in our history is himself a frothing racist.

And now, just as this post was about to go live, news comes that Trump has DOUBLED DOWN on his “both sides” rhetoric.

Might this finally end him, or will conservatives just chalk it up to typical boys-will-be-boys Gestapo locker room talk and hurry to get their tax cuts passed before Trump peels the human skin off his lizard face and spits a giant acid loogie at Jim Acosta?

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