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The astonishing hypocrisy of Trump suck-up Sean Hannity

Here’s a fun drinking game: Tune in Sean Hannity’s show on any given night and gingerly sip a white wine spritzer every time he says something highly misleading or laughably hypocritical. Wait, no, don’t do that — unless you want your obituary to read “drowned in a small sea of vomit while watching Sean Hannity.” And very few of us want that.

How about this? Take 12 tabs of acid, smoke an ounce of weed, snort a large Folgers can full of bath salts, and then scarf down peyote buttons like Fiddle Faddle until Hannity starts to make sense. Under either of these scenarios you’ll pass out before the first Dulcolax commercial, but with the second, at least you won’t get alcohol poisoning.

On last night’s show, the deputy propaganda minister for the Trump administration talked about various alleged conflicts of interest that supposedly make it impossible for Robert Mueller and his investigative team to fairly conduct their ongoing probe of Donald Trump. Apparently, some members of Mueller’s team donated money to Democrats over the years — which suggests (*clutch pearls, scurry to fainting couch*) that they might have partisan motives:

“Here’s the big picture. How is any of this acceptable? Now think about this. If the tables were turned and these Republicans were investigating a Democrat, there would be a national outrage, and that’s why it’s time to end the political witch hunt. The deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, he has an obligation now to shut this down. Congress, they need to make sure it stays that way. Otherwise they are endorsing a two-tiered justice system — one that is unfair, unethical, and clearly has political motivations and political factors.” [emphasis added by a partisan witch-hunting Democrat]

So let’s hop into our Wayback Machine and take a look at a few investigations from the past couple of decades.

Remember the Select Committee on Benghazi? That was unsullied by “political motivations and political factors,” right? It was simply a valiant search for the truth. Remember U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) remarking, “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today?” But yeah, no witch hunt there.

Or remember when James Comey, a registered Republican for most of his life, conducted a lengthy investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server and then took the highly unorthodox step of announcing his findings in a press conference, during which he scolded Hillary for her alleged carelessness? And remember when he reintroduced the email controversy days before the election for no clear reason? Hannity must have published his full-throated condemnation on his old Angelfire blog, because no one saw it.

Or what about the Whitewater/Monica Lewinsky/Kill Bill Clinton investigation, led by longtime Republican and George H.W. Bush/Ronald Reagan appointee Kenneth Starr? Hannity was in full froth over that one, no doubt. But he somehow kept his outrage to himself.

It’s time for Fox News to can Seth Rich conspiracy nut and de facto Trump employee Sean Hannity.

And it’s well past time that all goodhearted Americans stop supporting his advertisers.

Media Matters has a helpful list here.

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