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Special snowflake Donald Trump definitely doesn't want you to see this hypocritical attack on Hi

Donald Trump is a special snowflake

Here's Trump today speaking in front of U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduates in Connecticut:

"Look at the way I have been treated lately, especially by the media. No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly."

... says the guy who spent five years claiming Barack Obama wasn't really president.

We can say with great surety that no one on the planet is more entitled, whiny, ill behaved, or emotionally fragile than Donald Trump. If he'd been a Willy Wonka golden ticket winner, his balls would have been saltwater taffy in about three seconds.

Trump never misses a chance to cry about how unfair the world is, but somehow he can't seem to remember how unfairly he's treated others. Such is the nature of solipsism.

So now that it's pretty clear that Trump at least flirted with obstruction of justice when he asked former FBI Director James Comey to drop the agency's investigation of his ex-national security advisor, Michael Flynn, Trump is in full "woe is me" mode.

But here he was back in June of 2016 when Hillary Clinton's husband merely visited behind closed doors with then-U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch:

"It is an amazing thing," Trump said, implying that Bill Clinton was trying to influence the FBI investigation into Hillary. "And it was really a sneak. It was really something they didn't want publicized as far as I understand. I think it's so terrible. I think it's so horrible. I think it's the biggest story, one of the big stories of this week, of this month, of this year. Even in terms of judgment, how bad a judgment is it for him or for her to do this? I mean, who would do this?"

Yeah, who would do anything like that? It would be the story of the year if anyone did.

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