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He might be the best president Russia has ever had

So Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because ... Comey had mistreated Hillary Clinton.

Now he's just fucking with us, right?

It no longer matters if Trump had any significant ties to Vladimir Putin. He is Vladimir Putin.

Trump should go all out now. Maybe tweet out a picture of his sons on the Serengeti plain holding Comey's penis like a severed elephant tail.

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin said it best:

"This is a dark day in American history. ... This is so far outside of the American political and legal tradition. For a sitting president to fire the head of the FBI, who is investigating his campaign, with a completely bogus and pretextual explanation for why he was fired, it just has only happened once in American history, and that was October 20, 1973, the Saturday Night Massacre, when Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor. ... [It's] arguably worse because Jim Comey is head of the whole FBI. Archibald Cox was only the Watergate special prosecutor. This means that Donald Trump will install presumably one of his campaign stooges in that job. Maybe it will be Chris Christie, maybe it will be Rudolph Giuliani, maybe it will be Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin. But from now on the FBI is going to be directed by someone who answers to Donald Trump and responds, and will supervise the investigation."

Trump is Vladimir Putin

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