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In just three months, his golf vacations have already cost more than 12 years' worth of Bill O&#

As a private citizen, Donald Trump continually criticized President Obama for golfing too much and wasting taxpayer money on unnecessary travel. (The impromptu trip to Texas to personally smother Antonin Scalia was probably the last straw.)

Now a new analysis by the UK's The Independent has concluded that Trump has spent $24 million on vacations to his Mar-a-Lago resort in just the first 10 weeks of his presidency, which is approximately what Obama spent on getaways in his first two years. And he golfs constantly.

That seems crazy hypocritical, but Trump is president of the United States so he deserves the benefit of the doubt. It's quite likely that he's always thought black guys should stay off golf courses. No hypocrisy there.

Also, Obama didn't need the stress relief as much as Trump, whose random crotch-grabbing opportunities are now limited to whatever Ann Coulter is packing — and that's like playing Russian roulette to an alpha heterosexual like Trump.

But seriously, this shit is just hilarious now:

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