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On Twitter, Trump parties like it's 2016

A year ago today, Donald Trump …

Um ...

Hold on a sec …

A year ago today, Donald Trump stunned the world, winning an Electoral College victory in a country that set up an unfair superdelegate system in 1787, never realizing that that half-assed compromise would one day lead to the election of the very sort of unhinged lunatic it was designed to stop.

We’ve been rejecting him like a sloppily grafted baboon taint ever since.

Last night’s big Dem victories were awesome, but when you think about it they’re not so much a fresh repudiation of Trump as a continuation on a theme.


But if you remain locked in to GOPravda (i.e., Fox News) or Trump’s Twitter feed, all of this is news to you.

Case in point: Here’s what Generalissimo Trump tweeted today as the rest of the Republican Party walked around like that stunned soldier looking for his arm during the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan:

Why do we get the feeling that Trump is about four years, one ‘80s headband, and a box of indestructible Tupperware away from becoming Uncle Rico?

Let’s keep this momentum going. It’s been a tough year to say the least, but the resistance just fired a shot across the GOP’s bow that can’t possibly be ignored — no matter how hard Trump tries to do just that.

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