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Trump's approval rating is now lower than Bush's before 2006 Democratic stampede

How to get along with Donald Trump:

1) Flatter him with obvious nonsense.

3) If one of your family members dies fighting for our nation’s freedom and security, be very careful what you say! Especially if you’re black.

4) Finally, if you’re a member of the media, for the love of God don’t address him as Commodore Bone Spurs at his next press conference. Please.

With his latest failure at human-ing, Donald Trump has shown that he’s completely unequipped to handle even the most rudimentary duties of his job. There’s now at least a 50 percent chance that the turkey he picks to pardon for Thanksgiving this year will savagely murder a Virginia family within days of its release.

So given that Trump is currently insulting Gold Star families at a rate of about one per year, we should expect him to tweet angry lies at another grieving war widow just in time for next November’s midterm elections.

Yeah, about that.

Remember 2006, when Democrats routed the GOP on their way to taking control of both houses of Congress?

Republican lawmakers were dragged down by the unpopularity of George W. Bush, who was dogged by his mishandling of Hurricane Katrina, a high-profile legislative failure on Social Security reform, a raft of GOP scandals, and his failed promises on (and lies about) Iraq.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Well, it gets better.

According to Gallup, Donald Trump, who has never been particularly popular as president, is currently less popular than George W. Bush was just a week before the disastrous (for Republicans) 2006 midterms (38 percent approval, 56 percent disapproval, 6 percent undecided). Trump’s Gallup rating for the week of October 16-22 was 36 percent approval, 58 percent disapproval, and 6 percent undecided.

We probably shouldn’t get too excited yet. A lot can happen in a year. Trump could become a gracious, highly respected, well-studied head of state with an outsized compassion for those less fortunate. Sure, it’s far more likely he’ll stab a toddler in the throat with a pasta fork at Olive Garden, but you never know.

That said, we should feel good about our chances. Let’s do everything we can to make 2018 the biggest electoral rout of our lifetimes.

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