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GOP flack: Denouncing Weinstein a few days late is worse than defending Nazis forever

How do we know that the country isn’t chockfull of gay African-American Donald Trump fans? Because Paris Dennard is the one that Republicans keep putting on the air.

To put it politely, Dennard is nuts.

Trying to follow his logic is like looking for Waldo in an M.C. Escher painting.

There’s no mistaking the thousand-yard-stare of someone who has just watched a Paris Dennard CNN segment. It’s like looking at one of those before-and-after meth photos.

Dude is cuckoo for every kind of cereal.

Today he was on NPR’s Here & Now to berate Democrats for their slow response to the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations, and when the topic of our president’s creepy little Cabbage Patch Doll hands came up, Dennard did his best to change the subject:

“There’s no correlation between Harvey Weinstein and President Donald J. Trump, at all. … There’s more parallels between Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton than there is with Donald J. Trump.”

Remember the good old days when Republicans at least pretended to be outraged by the Access Hollywood tape? Now they act like the president’s bragging about sexual assault was no big deal — and certainly not as bad as a Democratic donor’s sex scandal.

Of course, the parallels between Weinstein’s and Trump’s behavior are actually pretty strong. For one thing, they were both caught on tape admitting to inappropriate sexual advances. And while Weinstein boasts 25 accusers to Trump’s 14, Trump is still ahead when it comes to child rape lawsuits. So there’s that.

But Dennard wasn’t done. In a clumsy attempt to call out Democratic hypocrisy, he kinda-sorta hinted that Trump was beholden to — and quite fond of — literal Nazis.

After political analyst Jamal Simmons said, “This is one of those places where people feel, I’m sure, some tug of personal loyalty to someone who has been helpful to them in some way,” Dennard responded with this fusillade of crazy:

“Everyone was shocked and appalled that President Trump waited, quote-unquote, too long to respond in a forceful way when it came to Charlottesville, and you have the DNC and all of the donors on that side and these members of Congress who took money, hundreds of thousands of dollars from [Weinstein], millions of dollars, and it took them, you know, to find the tug of their heartstrings, or whatever Jamal was talking about, it took them that long to respond to this? If the shoe had been on the other foot and he had been a Republican you would have seen a different response, and that’s why the Trump campaign and the Republicans are sounding off about it, because there is a double standard when there shouldn’t be. This is a Democrat problem, this is President Obama’s problem, this is Hillary Clinton’s problem, this is Senator Warren’s problem. It’s the DNC’s problem.”

So, wait, that analogy only works if you concede that Donald Trump is in the pocket of Nazis; that the Weinstein affair is a national crisis requiring the clear moral leadership of our commander-in-chief; that Obama, Clinton, and Warren are all currently president; that the KKK tugs at Trump’s heartstrings; and that the many Democrats who have condemned Weinstein are going to turn around in two days and say his victims were equally at fault, and that Weinstein is actually a “very fine person.”

Well, two of those things are obviously true, but Dennard probably doesn’t want you to know that.

Sorry, Republicans. This is the guy you married. And you knew he was a sick racist sexual predator before you brought him to the altar.

Democrats may have hemmed and hawed a little too long, but they’ve done the right thing. You’re still mired in your moral rot.

Have a good time with that.

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