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The Obama economy that Trump trashed two years ago created 358,000 more jobs than Trump has

The latest jobs report revealed a slowdown in employment growth for the month of August. The economy added 156,000 jobs, falling far short of expectations, and the unemployment rate ticked up to 4.4 percent.

None of that is particularly remarkable, but since Donald Trump seized on every single economic stumble over the past several years to defame President Obama — and because Obama is far too dignified to respond in kind — we’ll use the opportunity to point out that Trump is a giant waste of shriveled, splotchy, fluorescent-orange skin.

Trump continually pointed out every flaw in the Obama economy while he was still just a failed seminar scammer in the midst of underperforming the real estate market by $13 billion, and now that he’s president, Trump touts every success of the still-surging Obama economy, claiming that his nonexistent budget and zero major legislative achievements have somehow turned everything around.

It’s all nonsense of course, and he probably knows it, even as his brain suffers from early-onset death bloat.

But both the reality and cause of Trump’s Obama obsession are self evident. This fatty gallbladder of a human being can’t accept the fact that a black man is smarter, more presidential, more respected, more beloved, more talented, more insightful, more psychologically healthy, more self actualized, better looking (list continued on bottom of page*), etc., and so he tries to elevate himself at Obama’s expense whenever possible, even when he has to twist the truth into big doughy Nazi pretzels.

But the numbers don’t lie, and the truth is that no matter how much Trump wants to take credit for the current economy, 1) it’s still Obama’s economy and 2) job growth is actually slower now than it was before Trump took over.

Trump has always (dishonestly) nitpicked Obama’s economic numbers, but his attacks intensified after he announced his presidential run in the summer of 2015. Over and over he claimed that America’s economy was failing and that Obama was an incompetent buffoon for letting it happen. Well, we now have seven months of Trump economic data that we can analyze and compare with the 2015 Obama economy Trump so harshly criticized two years ago.

The final tally: first seven months of Trump — 1,189,000 jobs; the same seven months under Obama in 2015 — 1,547,000 jobs. That’s a difference of 358,000 jobs, or 51,000 per month. (Oh, and in case you’re a Trump supporter, the second number is higher.)

So the next time a Trumpite talks about the million jobs Trump has created or the robust economic numbers we’re seeing, casually point out to him or her that Trump cannot take credit for this economy, is nevertheless creating a lot fewer jobs than Obama did, and is such an economic genius he called his national security adviser at 3 a.m. one night to ask him what a strong dollar does.

Faced with such incontrovertible evidence, that Trump supporter will then apologize abjectly and ask for information on volunteering for progressive causes. Or call you a libtard. It’s impossible to know for sure.

*… more accomplished, more knowledgeable, a better leader, more honest, more moral, better dressed, funnier, better groomed, more charming, more charismatic, kinder, a better speaker, better at sports, more self aware, humbler, more loyal, a better speller, healthier, cooler, more comfortable in his own skin, more compassionate, less angry, less sociopathic, friendlier, a better father, a better husband, more admired by women, more mature, more courageous, more politically shrewd, a better student of history, a faster reader, a more prolific writer, more appealing to animals and children, more photogenic, better at ‘80s trivia, less likely to stare directly into the sun out of spite, and less orange, etc.

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