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Trump hires all the best people — and then fires them almost immediately

So it appears that Anthony Scaramucci — whose surname literally translates into “clown” — is out at the White House. The news just broke — as did the sphincter of anyone who just checked their smartphone and is trying desperately to suppress laughter at a work meeting or aunt’s funeral.

Scaramucci will now presumably turn back into a sentient cloud of Hai Karate and drift back to his home planet, and out of our hearts forever.

This can’t help but make even Trump supporters skeptical of his promise only to hire the best people, right? Right? Or is Trump’s deliberate M.O. to hire the best people, humiliate them publicly, sully them with scandal, and then force them out almost immediately?

So far, these “best people” have gone the way of Trump Steaks:

Michael Flynn

Sean Spicer

Reince Priebus

Anthony Scaramucci

Next on deck, Jeff Sessions.

And now, a Trump cabinet meeting in the not-too-distant future:

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