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Remember when Obama saluted two Marines while holding a coffee cup and conservatives lost it?

Doesn’t that seem quaint now?

Yes, the infamous “latte salute” shot a frisson of high-voltage Obama hatred through deep-red redoubts across the country and sent priggish media conservatives scurrying for their fainting couches.

That was back when POTUS was “unpresidential.” Today, our president is restoring honor and dignity to the White House one hysterical, low-talent hemophilic woman at a time.

So how exactly did conservatives respond to Obama’s barbarous assault on Western civilization?

Here’s a small sampling of their reactions after the Kenyan usurper saluted two Marines while holding a steaming, venti-sized, French-roasted affront to the U.S. Constitution:

“Are we surprised? After all, we’ve got a chai-swillin’, golf-playin’, basketball trash-talkin’, leadin’-from-behind, I-got-no-strategy, Osama-bin-Laden-is-dead, GM-is-alive, community-organizin’ commander-in-chief.” — Karl Rove

“I was shocked.” — Sean Hannity

“If there was ever any doubt as 2 the level of regard Obama holds for our military, this latte salute seals the deal.” — former Rep. Allen West, via Twitter

”This might be the most absurd video of President Obama we’ve ever seen. Watch below. Watch it again. Watch it 100 times.” — National Republican Congressional Committee website (with embedded video of the outrage in question)

“Obama’s Disrespectful ‘Latte Salute’ Shocks and Offends” — Breitbart

“It’s about damn time, almost six years in office, that you show our men and women in the military some respect. Which you do not. And when you get off that damn helicopter, you salute, and you salute with respect. A nice, crisp right-hand salute. Got it?” — conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin

“Careful, Mr. President. Don’t spill your coffee. #salute #disrespect” — Fox Radio host Todd Starnes, via Twitter

Oh, that’s adorable, isn’t it?

Conservatives spent eight years criticizing Obama over the most trifling issues — even going so far as to attack his wife for trying to get schoolchildren to eat more vegetables. If they don’t speak up for Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, and common decency now, there’s really no hope left for them.

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