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Trump retweets graphic showing that half the country hates him

Most recent polls show that Donald Trump is about as popular as hepatitises A through E. So over the weekend he seized on results from the notoriously Republican-leaning Rasmussen tracking poll, which showed that for one day only his approval rating touched a rarefied (for him) 50 percent. Imagine! Now, however, it's at 47 percent, and presumably headed lower.

Of course, most other polls show that Trump's approval rating has dropped lower than Rupert Murdoch's balls on a Melbourne summer night, but there's no way you'd know that if, like all true Americans, you got your news pure and unfiltered from Trump's own Twitter feed.

For instance, the percentage of survey respondents who think he's doing a good job reached a low ebb (36 percent) in the just-released CBS News Poll. And FiveThirtyEight's latest poll aggregate puts his approval rating at a pitiful 38.6 percent.

So naturally Trump felt compelled to seize on the one and only data point that makes him look nearly mediocre. Except he can't even do that right. After hyping his 50 percent approval rating on Friday and then again on Sunday, he retweeted the following graphic, which quite clearly shows that half the country hates him:

Sometimes it's hard to decide if Trump is Darth Vader or Lennie from Of Mice and Men. Does he want to destroy the republic or just stroke it roughly like a puppy until it's dead?

Either way, we're screwed.

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