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Thanks, Trump: We're now a nation of (stupid) bullies

Donald Trump is Scut Farkus

Let's be clear about this. We now live in a country where you can easily get elected to high office after admitting to serial sexual assault or beating up a reporter, but if you suggest to a stranger that she might want to be happy during the holidays, you're cruelly persecuting millions of Christians.

The best-ever trolling of Donald Trump came courtesy of his wife, Melania, who pledged to focus her efforts as first lady on a campaign to end bullying. It's as if Jackie Kennedy had launched a 501(c)3 dedicated to keeping her husband's penis out of Marilyn Monroe. You sympathize with her, but the cause is lost. We are where we are.

This is a worrying pattern. Trump appeared to incite violence among his supporters during his campaign, and when two Trumpites beat up a homeless Hispanic man in Boston two years ago, Trump responded by saying his fans are "very passionate." Meanwhile, he had to be harassed into disavowing David Duke.

Conservatives freaked the fuck out when President Obama saluted a Marine while holding a cup of coffee in his hand, worried that this might destroy the dignity and morale of our military. They're strangely silent now that Donald Trump is shoving fellow world leaders out of the way and making us all look like idiots and assholes. Well, idiots and assholes we are if we fail to roust this preening tangerine shitbird from office ASAP.*

*Note: This is a legitimate example of online bullying. Melania might want to start here. Or she could ask her husband to stop being so fucking orange.

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