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If a preschooler did what Trump just did, he'd get a time-out

Donald Trump finds new ways to embarrass us every ... damn ... day.

Here he is today at a meeting with NATO leaders. They're just standing around, so it should be easy enough for Trump to act like a normal human for a few minutes.

Evidently not:

That's your president shoving Montenegro Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic out of the way so he can bask in the reflective glory of NATO — which, of course, is obsolete and full of losers, lightweights, and deadbeats. Nevertheless, Trump wants to make sure everyone knows he's the No. 1 loser, not some guy from a country he just heard about this morning.

Which world leader will Trump try to humiliate next? This could be like a game of Clue: We'll guess "Angela Merkel, with the purple nurple, in The Hague."

#MiloDjukanovic #Montenegro #NATO

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