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Trump just invited this nutbag conspiracy theorist to the White House

Nutbag conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi

So Jerome Corsi, the bureau chief for Alex Jones', broadcast from the White House briefing room yesterday, boasting that he'd obtained White House press credentials.

This is the same White House that has called CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post "fake news."

In case you're unfamiliar with Infowars, here's the best way to describe what just happened: Whatever you do for a living, however serious you are about it, and however long you've been doing it, it's like your boss came up to you yesterday and told you you'll now be sharing a desk with Andy Dick.

It would be no less strange if Juggs magazine had been given press credentials — and a hundred times less alarming. (Come to think of it, 99 percent of Juggs readers show up simply to stare at boobs with their mouths open, which makes the magazine precisely as useful as Fox News.)

Trump has never been one for facts, consensus reality, or basic human decency, but he's really gone off the deep end on this one.

On December 2, 2015, Trump told Jones, the chief nutbag and animating force behind Infowars, "Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down."

Here are just a few of the things Alex Jones believes:

  • 9/11 was an inside job.

  • The Sandy Hook school shooting was a false-flag operation that featured actors and was conducted by the government.

  • The Oklahoma City bombing was staged by “criminals in Washington” to help President Bill Clinton push through his agenda.

  • The Boston Marathon bombers were “recruited by globalist intelligence agencies.”

  • The Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting was a “false-flag mind-control event.”

  • The government is “encouraging homosexuality with chemicals so that people don’t have children.” He also said, “What do you think tap water is? It’s a gay bomb, baby” and “I don’t like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin’ frogs gay!”

  • The government doesn’t want you to experience the joy of children, but will “take heterosexuals’ kids … and give them to the gay couples.”

  • The government has a weather machine that can “create and steer groups of tornadoes.”

  • Hillary Clinton is a literal demon and both she and Obama “smell like sulfur.”

  • Michelle Obama is a man.

  • Vaccines are used for “social control” and if you take them “you will become disabled or you will die.”

Corsi himself is a prodigious conspiracy theorist who claimed Barack Obama's birth certificate was fake, Obama is secretly gay, and Hitler escaped to Argentina with the help of the U.S.

Corsi also said he's working on getting permanent press credentials — which, to be fair, will be "permanent" only insofar as an egregious orange lunatic continues to molt powdered Tang mix all over the Potomac basin.

UPDATE: Right on cue, Jones today disparaged victims of the Manchester terrorist attacks as "a bunch of liberal trendies." It's beyond disgraceful that Infowars was allowed anywhere near the White House.

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