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Because he thinks 'insurance for everybody' has no meaning

While he was campaigning for president, Donald Trump claimed he would replace Obamacare with "something terrific."

Just before his inauguration, he said his secret new health care plan was nearly finished and that it would provide "insurance for everybody."

As recently as Sunday, Trump was asked about the Republican Obamacare replacement bill. He talked about it like he hadn't read it, or didn't know it was about health insurance, or thought Face the Nation's John Dickerson was a Trump University student with an unliquidated 401(k) instead of a journalist with cameras, because he claimed preexisting conditions would be covered "beautifully" — which isn't even close to true unless the only preexisting conditions you care about are the boner-killing ravages of a flat-chested woman with an un-Botoxed face.

In fact, none of those statements is true. The "I'm gonna give insurance to everybody" bit is in the same ballpark as the kid running for eighth-grade class president who says he'll eliminate grades and homework and provide everyone with a therapy puppy. He knew it couldn't happen with this Congress, but he wants the person he's talking to at any given moment to love him. Unfortunately, he also talks to Paul Ryan, who will dry-hump the leg of anyone who looks like they could be convinced to beat an old woman to death with her walker.

This is a sick man, this is a sick bill, and this is a sad time for the American people — both those who voted for King Idiot and those who didn't.

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