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Brand-new e-book 'Dear F*cking Lunatic' now available online

Hate Donald Trump? We’ve got great news for you. Thanks to a sublimely acerbic, inventively vulgar new e-book from Pacific Northwest author Aldous J. Pennyfarthing, you can give your overworked id a rest. He’s got you covered. Just sit back, steep some chamomile tea, and let the hate flow through you like a calm lava stream.

Retracing the churlish antics of our 45th president during his unforgettable first year and a quarter in office, the book takes both a laser scalpel and a rusty chain saw — in equal measure — to Trump’s boundless ego, bottomless stupidity, and brazen incompetence.

Throughout the course of the author’s self-described “intemperate screed,” the vitriol flows like sour milk and rancid honey. Pennyfarthing refers to “45” as an “off-brand butt plug”; a “chickensh*t, banana republic, Orwellian f*cknugget”; and a “disgraceful, pustulant hot stew full of casuistry, godawful ideas, unintelligible non sequiturs, and malignant rage.” And those are among the milder put-downs.

With acid tongue planted firmly in cheek, Pennyfarthing takes on the president’s unsurpassed ignorance, rampant racism, shocking pettiness, vertiginous dishonesty, and more.

Based on the viral Daily Kos post of the same name, "Dear F*cking Lunatic" is available for $2.99 through iBooks,, and other online retailers. (For a full list of distributors, click here.) Coming soon to Amazon Kindle.

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